100PCS Nylon Cable Ties Self Locking White Black 3*60/80/100/120/150/200mm Plastic Loop Wire Wrap Strap Zip Tie Organiser Fasten

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Can see high quality .

 ZYCN high quality binding bands are safe to use


Product Cateloge
Spec Width   (W) Length (L) Bundle Dia.(B) Qty
3*60 1.8mm 60mm 0.43inch(11mm) 100pcs
3*80 1.8mm 80mm 0.66inch(17mm) 100pcs
3*100 1.8mm 100mm 0.78inch(20mm) 100pcs
3*120 1.8mm 120mm 1inch(26mm) 100pcs
3*150 1.9mm 150mm 1.3inch(35mm) 100pcs
3*200 1.9mm 200mm 1.9inch(49mm) 100pcs


With a cable tie gun, you will save more effort



3×60 (white) 100pcs, 3×100 (white) 100pcs, 3×80 (white) 100pcs, 3×120 (white) 100pcs, 3×100 (Black) 100pcs, 3×120 (Black) 100pcs, 3×150 (Black) 100pcs, 3×80 (Black) 100pcs, 3×200 (Black) 100pcs, 3×60 (Black) 100pcs, 3×200 (white) 100pcs, 3×150 (white) 100pcs

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