Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine 220V/110V Household Food Vacuum Sealer Film Sealer Vacuum Packer Including 15Pcs Bags

Estimated Profit:


1.Keep food fresh for longer 2.Moisture-proof and mold-proof 3.Sterilizating and disinfecting 4.Antioxygenation 5.Prevent deterioration

Magnetic Adsorption

There are two pcs of magnets at the bottom of the machine.

Vacuum Chamber

1.Indicator lamp 2.Air-releasing Valve 3. Sealing Strip 4.Heating Wires Sealing Strip 5.Power Switch Groove (2.5A 220-250v EU plug) 6.Plastic Cork 6. Heating wires 7. Air Inlet 8. Latch

Product Parameters

Product name : Household Food Vaccum Sealer Rated Voltage : 110V/220V Rated Power : 100W Color : White Net Weight :0.75 Kg Sealing Strip Lengh : 28cm Noise: < 60dB Material : High Quality ABS Sealing Speed : 3-8 bags/ minute Operating mode: Automatic + Manual


Removale and washablesealing strips

15 pcs Vacuum Bags for Free


China, Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine, United States, Brazil, France, Spain


220V, 110V

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